Adventures of the Swan Valley

Winter in Perth is a little wet… okay I’m kidding, it seems to be constantly raining (although my favourite weather) it is easier to be cooped up inside with the heater on and under the blankets than it is to make the effort and get out and do something with your weekends.

Instead of opting for the above option we decided to venture out and take a little drive to the Swan Valley as i had recently read about the chocolate factory out there so obviously we had to go and give it a try.

Our first stop was the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and I was not disappointed, on arrival you’re able to have a little taste of their milk, dark and white chocolate (obviously this just entices you to actually buy something) then a little walk around to see what’s on offer and then comes the hard part… the time to decide what’s considered a need! Clearly can’t buy everything! I opted for the milk chocolate covered almond nougat as well as the clusters variety pack which includes a almond cluster, a macadamia cluster and a peanut cluster. Which I’m super excited to try!

The rain started to get a little harder and although the coffee shop is cute their, the space was rather full so we decided to venture elsewhere to have a sneaky little hot chocolate.

We ended up at another chocolate shop in the area didn’t we, Whistler’s chocolate company was the next stop. We both opted for their hot chocolate which came with two homemade marshmallows. Their hot chocolate was made with their homemade chocolate and it sure was the perfect winter drink.

The first chocolate I tried when we got home was the nougat and it was delicious, not as smooth as I expected but delicious nonetheless.

I would definitely recommend both these places!

Hopefully with some warmer weather we will be able to explore the wineries for a delicious lunch!

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet! I’ll definitely be sharing all my Perth adventures with you guys going forward!

Yours faithfully,



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