This girl.. yes me… like most females believe I have the absolute worst skin… believe it or not, my skin is not great but it is not the worst! I know some females have it worse and that’s why I am here to tell you about a brand that you may not know about but it works wonders.

Let me guess… you have sensitive skin? It reacts to everything? You feel self-conscious about your skin? You’re not the only one TRUST ME! I have suffered with sensitive skin for ever I can remember, it did not matter what product I used I somehow would still have a skin reaction and would be left feeling worse afterwards. You then think to yourself well let me try make a concoction of home products? Yes, don’t fool yourself we have all been there.

Today I will be telling you a little about the magic of LovisaSkin. LovisaSkin approached me and asked if I’d be interested in trying their skin care range, after being through every other brand I thought to myself ‘if not, why not?’

My products arrived all the way from PE and as per usual I was super amped to see what had just been delivered! Not one, not two but rather a range for my skin was delivered, this included: a young and clear cleanser, a toner, and two different serums.
The range was designed by an aesthetician with 20 years’ experience, an organic range designed to give you professional results in the comfort of your own home. LovisaSkin contains zero chemicals or parabens making it perfect for every skin type!

Let me tell you – I hadn’t been as impressed with a skin care range for quite some time – with the products being 100% organic they left your skin feeling completely refreshed. I was also complimented on how nice my face smells, quite weird I know… but hey a compliment is a compliment.

My results were incredible – i paired the LovisaSkin range with Eskamel to directly target any blemishes and I was finally able to leave the house with a glow. Say GOODBYE to blemishes and HELLO to clear skin!


To find about more follow them on Instagram @lovisaskin or email them on lovisaskin@gmail.com

Yours faithfully,


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