The flight to a whole new beginning

On the 19th of September 2018, I stepped foot onto a plane with the hopes and dreams of any young adult. I had been overseas before but never to a destination unknown… I packed up my bags and got on a plane to Australia. Looking back I would never have seen myself exploring the land down under, not for any particular reason, but there was no one and nothing of any familiarity down there. But I decided to follow my heart and take the flight.

Life works in weird and wonderful ways, one minute you’re on one road, and the next, you take a turn and you’re on a completely different journey.

I applied for a visa and the excitement and butterflies that arose when it was approved, was like something I’d never felt before… if I had to try and describe it.. it would be that feeling of seeing that degree passed at the end of your university career.. I remember the exact day, lying in my hospital bed and suddenly an email of confirmation came through, and I knew it was time to get up, and live those dreams.

Was I scared? Hell Yes… was I nervous? More than you could imagine but above all of that I was EXCITED… here I was getting an opportunity of a lifetime to go somewhere I’d never been before and to turn over a blank page, and to find the girl behind the covers…

The move was not easy, you have to transition each and every aspect of your life. Imagine landing up in a place where you know absolutely nothing, it’s all back to relying on google maps and wondering how do I go about fitting in.

It took me a while to find my feet, to become familiar with my surroundings and to get back into my routine, but now that I’m all settled.. I cannot tell you how happy I am, I do not for one minute look back and think did I make a mistake.

I know that this was the best decision I could have ever made and although it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t bound to be.. but over the last 4 months I can tell you one thing, I’ve grown into a completely different person, and I’ve become independent to the point where I don’t need to rely on those around me because I now know exactly who I am, what I want out of life and what I have to offer.

I’ve decided that as part of my routine I’m going to get back into writing… watch this space to see where it started, what I’ve been through, the adventures I’ve been on, and better yet what’s to come 💕

Yours faithfully



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