Did somebody say a facial?

How many of you have perceived issues about their skin? Let me guess, you’re uncomfortable without make-up on? You won’t leave the house without it? Sounds familiar? I’m 99% sure that this is most of us, and believe it or not, it’s not only females, but some males too. Instead of girls supporting one another, because at the end of the day were all human and we all have hormones, and sadly some individuals have it worse off than others, they walk past snickering, because although acne isn’t something we have direct control over, it’s an easy target when trying to make yourself feel better.

Admit it or don’t, once if not more, girls tend to put others down to make themselves feel better, and although it may not be intentional, those actions could hurt a lot more than you plan them to, and that’s why I’m writing this, because I don’t have perfect skin, and it’s one of my most self-conscious aspects about myself.

I was lucky enough to get invited to meet Kathleen, the owner of Tammy Taylor Petervale, as well as being spoilt to the most incredible deep cleansing facial. As excited as I was for the appointment, believe it or not, I was more nervous because I knew walking in there, when the treatment was over I would have to face the world, without makeup.

But that’s the thing, the staff at Tammy Taylor are so welcoming that you almost feel as if you’re home, it’s a safe place where you don’t have to worry about what people are going to say.

Tammy Taylor Petervale is situated in the heart of Petervale, having recently opened, not many people are aware that it is there, although once you realize how conveniently situated it is, you will not regret making it your go-to place.

Tammy Taylor offers a range of treatments and as I mentioned I was lucky enough to have the deep cleansing facial. Upon arrival I was welcomed with big warm smiles that instantly made me feel as if I was a part of the Tammy Taylor family. I filled out a form, just telling them a bit about my skin and off we went to the room where my facial was to be done.

Once you’re lying on the bed with the door closed, air con on and music playing softly you would never say you were in a shopping centre, for a minute I forgot where I even was. My facial was done by the amazing Eugenia who I can highly recommend when you book yours! The facial lasted roughly 45 minutes and for a person whose mind can never switch off, I could have fallen asleep!

Tammy Taylor uses the brand Optiphi which is an upmarket facial product and although not cheap it was first used by medical practitioners; hence it is suitable for sensitive skin. My skin reacts to absolutely everything and for the first time I walked out of a facial confident that I wouldn’t become red and blotchy the minute I left!

My skin felt like a million dollars after the facial and I highly recommend that you ladies make having a facial a regular thing, Eugenia advised me to have a facial once a month, to open your pores and get all the dirt out that is collected in your skin from the makeup we use daily. The one noticeable thing that I did notice after my facial was that not once, did they try and push me to buy the products, they did explain exactly what they had used, but there is nothing worse than going for a treatment and getting pressured into buying the products when you leave!

I would highly recommend that each one of you give Tammy Taylor a try, you most certainly won’t regret it. As for their pricing, I believe it is the average pricing for a salon visit as the regulars know that beauty does not come cheap! But it’s worth every penny!

Also, if you’re one for specials, you’ll come to realize that there are quite a few of them, so keep your eyes peeled to their Instagram page @tammytaylornailspetervale to see what they get up to and what specials are available!

Yours faithfully,



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