Sunday Social

After hearing about the exciting event that was featuring Rubber Duc on Sunday the 9th of July, I of course had to make sure I’d be attending. All my girls agreed this was an event not to be missed, it was being hosted at Social on Main and the most inviting aspect was how intimate the venue was. I am without a doubt one of Rubber Duc’s biggest fans. If you have not heard their music before I would highly recommend that you give them a follow! You can find their latest album Secret Sunrise on the Apple Music Store, my favourite songs include both Wellington, Faithless and Feet – although this was a tough decision due to the fact that I absolutely adore each and every one of their songs and maybe just maybe… know all the words off by heart.

If you are an avid follower of my blog you’d have noticed that I have previously written a review about Social on Main and it did come highly recommended. The line up for the day included: Tony Bala, Bad Peter, The Motherland, Rubber Duc, Dominic Neill and last but not least DJ HAZE. A Sunday in the sun? I couldn’t imagine a more perfect afternoon to spend quality time with my girls.

The afternoon started off with a few cheeky cocktails and a pizza! What more could you ask for? After having blogged at social a while back I was excited to see that they had taken my advice and removed the dishes I wasn’t so sure about and they bought back my favourite dishes which included the halloumi spring rolls! These are a definite must!

I managed to have a little chat with Sean Hayz from the Motherland and I cannot wait to publish my next piece on them! There are all these little hidden gems in the South African music industry that would appreciate our support, and its small events like these that will assist them in getting their names out there. I also managed to have a chat with the band Bad Peter and Tony Bala who are so down to earth and are so willing to have a conversation with any individual who approaches them that it inspires me. To find any band who is willing to engage with you is almost impossible these days as once the fame gets inside their heads they start to believe that they are better than any other individual and it is such characteristics that lose them the support of the locals.

I take my hat off to each performer who has the guts to get up there and perform every Sunday in such an intimate venue. These musicians put their hearts into absolutely every event they perform at and therefore I believe we shouldn’t take their musical talent for granted.
Every Sunday there is live music at Social on Main and if you haven’t been you should totally check it out! Check them out on Facebook as they regularly post updates about what is upcoming!

Maybe one day I’ll even catch you there!

Yours faithfully,

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